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Sarpatim obtained renewal of its forests concession in its second rotation under the Government‘s IUPHHK-HA licence procedure.

In fulfilling its rights and obligations under the SFM guidelines, Sarpatim  adheres to the principles of SFM, which includes 3 (three) dimensions, namely:

  1. 1. Area Management: guarantee of land utilization as forest area, planning and implementation of forest arrangement based on their function and type.
  2. 2. Forest Management: selection and implementation of silviculture system in compliance with the local forest ecosystem, forest fire management system, annual production in accordance with the capability of forest productivity, ensuring the continuity of production activity, observation in the development of stands and its outcome, efficiency of forest utilization, validity of harvest tracking system, implementation of reduced impact logging.
  3. 3. Institutional Management: company condition, contribution to regional economic development, management information system, availability and training of professional staff, investment and reinvestment for forest management.

Manifestation of the criteria and aspects of sustainability are clearly defined under the 10-year master plan (RKUPHHK) and the subsidiary annual plan (RKTPHHK) of Sarpatim.

Sarpatim’s organizational as structure is supported by competent professional managers and technicians with many years of experience that ensures effective implementation of SFM.